Water Filter Bottle

Simply fill up with any fresh water sources from nature & suck from mouth-piece, water will be filtered when it go through the inside filter.


Water Filter Straw

With the powerful filter materials, it can remove bacteria, parasite, protozoa and impurities from any fresh water sources.

Light-weight & compact.


Pump Water Filter

The Pump Water Filter can support your team to get safe & clean water in a very short time.

Even you can put it in your pocket easily.


Electric Water Filter

This powerful water filter system come with electricity power. No need to filter water by hands any more!

Let your hands FREE!

Foldable Water Filter

Just fill up soft flak/bag & let the built-in filter do the work. Gently squeeze it for instant refreshment.

Gravity Water Filter Bag

The gravity water filter bag can help you to bring safe water anywhere you want, when you can’t find a water source.


RV Water Filter

It can removes things like sediment and odors and is the best way to ensure the water coming into your RV is safe to drink, bath and cook.


Gravity Water Filter System

This household countertop gravity-fed water filter system helps you to remove bacteria, TDS, fluoride, chlorine to ensure the safety, when you drink tap water. 

About us

As one of the first original manufacturer of Personal Portable Water Filters, Drinkway has developed several advanced products to meet consumer’s requirements.


Product collections:

– Water Filter Straw

– Water Filter Bottle

– Pump Water Filter

– Gravity Water Filter Bag

– Electric Water Filter System

– Collapsible Water Filter Bag

– Gravity Water Filter System

– Any customized products you want


Drinkway always makes your ideas come true easily!



We are the original manufacture. All the products you can see are produced by our factory.

Yes. Our professional team will help you to develope new products.

Yes. Both pre-production sample and trial order are supported before placing a formal order

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